About Second SunsetTM and Roy Rasera

Second SunsetTM is your life enrichment resource center -- supporting individuals, families, and communities through creative, inspirational artistry and services.  10% of our profit is donated to non-profit arts education and community support groups.


Why call it “Second SunsetTM"? 

As described in William Bridges' book “Transitions,” life is a continuous series of personal changes; however, there are a few major transitions that we all go through. 

The first major transition is the end of childhood (which I call the First Sunset), when we break from our parents and explore our independence, our competence, our individuality, our sexuality - proving we are self-sufficient and can make our way in the world. 

After a time, some life event triggers an awakening – the veils fall, the blinders are removed, our priorities shift and we search for meaning, purpose, fulfillment, connectedness -- inter-dependence.  This marks the end of early adulthood and the beginning of what I call the Second SunsetTM.

During this time we seek, we explore, we give, we grow, we rediscover and reinvent ourselves and our lives – this transfiguration can go on for years or decades, come all at once or in bits and pieces, all during the middle years of adulthood. This evolutionary process can be painful and difficult at times, necessitating support, inspiration, well-being, and empathy.  

Second SunsetTM provides products & services by independent creatives that resonate with these qualities, as well as helping families and businesses establish solid financial futures.


What is “Second SunsetTM"? 

Our expanding and unique product line feeds the mind, body, and spirit through the creative inspiration of independent artists and service providers .  Whether you are a professional in a wellness practice, an overworked/overstressed corporate grunt, a person struggling to forge a new path in life, or a family motivated to enrich their life and their community, Second SunsetTM is for you.

All of our offerings come directly from the creators/providers, and thus connect with you on a powerful and personal level.  Independent Artists have often discovered or developed their craft during their own life transitions, giving them insight into the value of art, community, support groups, inspiration, creativity, growth, personal development, transitions, and life struggles.  And best of all, they expand their customer exposure and benefit personally from every sale that is made at Second SunsetTM.

If you are an independent artist, publisher, producer, practitioner, business owner, or promoter, contact us to see how we can work with you!    :)


About Roy Rasera, the founder

Roy Rasera grew up in Columbia, Maryland in a family offering exposure to the beauty and refinements of classical music.  In this inspirational environment his interests naturally gravitated towards poetry, photography and music.  Paired with the Viola, French Horn. and a camera, Roy spent his early years (~8-15) competing at the state and local levels of Solo, Chamber, Band, and Orchestra festivals, and photography contests.  For his senior year of High School, Roy was accepted to and attended the Interlochen Arts Academy on a Viola scholarship.

Roy’s life then switched gears as he went to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for college and post-grad studies.  Since receiving his Masters and Bachelors degrees in Materials Science and a Bachelors in Music Composition from MIT, Roy worked for Intel Corp. from 1995-2002 while continuing to write, record, publish, and promote his musical and poetic works.

Roy then entered a new phase of life and is going through his Second SunsetTM transition.  Having experienced both the stress of MIT and high-tech corporate America, he finally realized he was not living a fulfilling life.  During a 10-day silent meditation retreat during the summer of 2002, Roy had a vision for Second SunsetTM and the pieces have been falling into place since then.

Roy left Intel, is networking with artists & artisans as well as entrepreneurs & business folks, has become a Financial Planner & Investment Advisor, has become a certified life coach, has released a relaxation CD called “Earth Ambience: Rain”, exhibits his exquisite nature photos at Illahe Studio & Gallery in Ashland, Oregon, sells his vibrant greeting cards in consort with his sister, helps individuals and businesses maximize the efficiency of their money, and enjoys the challenge of balancing the interdependent demands of his artistic creativity with entrepreneurial realities.

Final thoughts from Roy...

  • I believe that successful life transitions require positive support – emotionally, mentally, and physically.
  • I believe that creativity, art, music, & nature play critical roles in supporting a life transition by refreshing the spirit and nourishing the soul.
  • I believe in strengthening society through arts education & community support organizations.

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