Life Coaching

Are you stuck?  Looking for a change?  Unfulfilled?  Treading water rather than excelling forward?  Or wanting to reach your next life plateau?

If you want to excel at a sport, be it a solo or team sport, you work with a sports coach.
If you want to gain muscle, define your abs, or lose your love handles, you might work with a personal trainer.
If you want to improve yourself professionally, you might seek out a mentor.

If you want to realize your dreams in life, you can benefit from a Life Coach.

  • What is a Life Coach?
    Simply put, a life coach helps get you from where you are today to where you want to be.  After all, if you could have gotten there yourself, you would be there already.  A coach can help you clarify your priorities, define a path to achieve your goals, and keep you "on the court" moving towards those goals.

  • Do Life Coaches get trained or certified?
    Yes.  There are many training courses for Life Coaching.  I have participated in the Intensive Coach Training offered by Results Life Coaching.  After meeting the requirements, I then underwent an evaluation for certification by the International Coaching Federation (ICF).  Hence, I am a certified and trained Life Coach.

  • How does Coaching work logistically?
    Using the Results Coaching model, a coaching series is comprised of 12 sessions -- approximately 1 hourly session each week.  Coaching is done over the phone, so geography is not a concern; and it is conducted at a regularly scheduled time to support the coaching with a habitual and positive routine.

  • How much does Coaching cost?
    Coaching prices vary across the board based on the coaches experience, the coaching intent (personal, business, executive), and the personal finances of the client.  Pricing is usually discussed at the end of Session 1, by which time both the client and the coach will have a good idea if the match will be mutually productive or not. 

Feel free to contact Roy to schedule a free trial Session #1.  If it turns out that we are not a good match, I can recommend you to several other coaches to try.

Some sample goals that I have helped my clients achieve:

  • Pick myself up off of a news stand (ie. get published!)

  • Raise the quality of my relationship with my daughter from a 3 to an 8

  • Turn heads on the beach this summer in my black bikini

  • Double my in-store sales

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