An Introduction to Roy Rasera's Photography

Roy's photography captures those rare serendipitous moments in nature when the real and surreal coexist.  Through careful frame balancing, lighting, and timing, Roy presents amazing images of depth and presence while appealing to the soul with their untainted simplicity and truth.

His family road-tripped across the country each summer for seven years, taking a different route each time.  This exposure to the vast beauty of America and its national parks played a significant role in shaping Roy's eye for revealing the novel within the familiar.  While others would take pictures of the canyon, he would focus on a flower at its edge.  While others would take pictures of the encourageable chipmunks, he would explore the vast shadow and cloud patterns on the distant mountains.

Digital photography is Roy's medium of choice, though he was experientially trained on standard SLR manual cameras since he was a child.  Roy believes in preserving the natural moment as it was, rather than through massive digital editing.  Hence, all of his photographs are what he saw, as he saw it, with little or no digital editing.

Most of Roy's photography falls into two broad categories: Landscapes and Floral.  He also offers Floral Greeting Cards, and various apparel and gifts at his CafePress online store.

Roy's photos are all developed on Kodak Duralux film paper to preserve their color.  All mats, tape, and backing boards are acid-free, and all framing glass is UV-retardant.  Roy's dedication to quality will ensure your favorite print will maintain its vibrancy for years to come!  Custom framing and sizing options are available - see our price list!

Roy currently displays and sells his photography both online here, and at the Illahe Studio & Gallery in Ashland, OR.

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